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  • BAYER: The German pharmaceutical company announced its intention of invest US$ 100 million in Argentina during the next five years aimed to improve the production of vitamins and increase their storage capacity.

  • REPSOL: The Spanish company said that it does not return to Argentina, regardless of the efforts that the administration of Macri does. [Oct. 17]

  • EXPOFRUT: The Belgian company announced the closing of two packing plants in Argentina due to the lack of profitability. [October 14].

  • KELLOG: Announced the acquisition of “Ritmo Investimento” which control the food manufacturer Parati in Brazil. The investment was of of approximately US$ 450 millions. [October 13]

  • WEYERHAEUSER: Explores to sell its timber business in Uruguay. The company has 300,000 acres of forests. [October 11].

  • FERROVIAL: Spanish group Ferrovial Takes Control Of TransChile. Through an investment of US$70 million the multinational entered in the business of electricity transmission in Chile. [October 7]

  • NESTLE: [October 6] The Swiss company opened a new plant in Jalisco, Mexico aimed to child nutrition. The investment was of US$ 245 million, the biggest that the company has has done in the last decade.

  • LATAM conducted the first direct flight between Latin America and Africa. It was between São Paulo and Johannesburg [October 4]

  • SHELL announced through its CEO Ben van Beurden that the company will invest US$ 300 million annually in Argentina until 2020nin the sector of energy.

  • KLAFF REALTY LP invested US$ 120 million for 90% of the supermarket chain Tienda Inglesa, in Uruguay.


  • BRAZIL, Oct 18 — Has signed with China the creation of a US$20 billion fund aimed to finance the investments of the China in Brazil. The fund is aimed to finance energy and infrastructure projects.

  • CHILE, Oct. 14 — The Chilean steel business denounces that the steel imported from China has been dumped, which generate a distortion of the market.

  • BRAZIL, Oct. 13 — The Lower House (Congress) approved to freeze the spending of the government for the next 20 years. The measure need another vote in the Lower House and then need to be approved by the Brazilian senate.

  • ARGENTINA [October 7] — China paralyzed the purchase of the Argentina soybean oil. Apparently the non-official decision would be related to the ambiguity position of Argentina of recognize China as an open market economy before the World Trade Organization.

  • BRASIL [October 6] The brasilian congress aproved a legislation for which now foreign oil companies can control the exploration of oil in the underwater reserves. Before the participation of the brazilian Petrobras was mandatory in at least 30%.

  • PERU – Lima capital is the city of Latin America that more tourists will receive in 2016, 4 million. Mexico City follows with 2.98 [October 4]

  • CHILE AND URUGUAY signed today a free trade treaty. The trade between the two countries in 2015 was of 345 million dollars. [OCTOBER 4]